Digital Ocean, you’re awesome!

I must say, without a doubt, that Digital Ocean is one of the best companies available for hosting services. This is not a sales pitch, but an actual account of what has happened since I joined them over a year ago.

Installing Windows 7 on Dell’s new Skylake-based Systems

Recently, I’ve been seeing posts about the new Skylake-based Intel processors that Dell is using in their Precision, Optiplex and Latitude lines of products. It makes the system fast, even without using much power, but it causes an issue if a SysAdmin needs to install Windows 7 from their installation media – most notably, the… Read more »

Easy Mobile Access to your Reward Cards

I have a few gift / store / reward cards that I use at some stores, simply for the free rewards – A free drink every now and again, 10% off, etc. One store I used to frequent for my caffeine fix switched from a magnetic stripe card to an app-only system, for mobile phones.

Troubleshooting your Exim Server

In the previous post, we setup a very basic Exim SMTP server for relaying outgoing mail to GMail from your server. Now, we are going to look at troubleshooting your Exim installation, and dealing with issues that may come up.

Creating an SSH Tunnel

So today, I was helping someone with a multi-site WordPress issue, and I linked to my blog. But guess what? It wasn’t coming up! All my external tests seemed to work, including Down for Everyone or Just Me, and even Cloudflare! I could still SSH into my server (as I was watching log files scroll… Read more »

Setting up Exim4 with GMail and 2-factor Authentication

Setting up Exim 4 is relatively easy on Debian, especially if you’re only sending mail to yourself (i.e. Server messages, Forget Password requests, etc). Because I have home-level Internet service from my Canadian ISP, I can’t host mail directly on this box – but I also don’t want to rely on Shaw’s mail servers if… Read more »

Hello world! We’re back

Welcome back to Talk About IT! We had a bit of a mishap, so all the previous content is gone. Backup, backup backup! Luckily, all the customer data has been recovered, with no loss. The server has been reconfigured, with a proper RAID setup, and off-site backups. It is going to make things a lot… Read more »